On 26th August 1991 a group of former employees of electric design department of ZĎAS company established the new company atx s.r.o. The six employees had their quarters is the rented premises. The first orders were mainly for stone-cutting industry, timber saws and lines for the domestic customers.


The number of employees increased to 15 people. The company moved to new premises. Majority of orders are for domestic market, the volume and complexity of orders gradually increases. The company specialises in applications containing all modern measuring elements and controls by means of the superior control systems.


The cooperation starts with the company Korado, the central heating body manufacturer that builds a new company in Česká Třebová. A series of supply of painting, welding and packaging lines started the economic and technical growth of the company. The number of employees increased to 25 people and the annual turnover doubled. With the view of diversification of the entrepreneurial risk the company atx – technical office for the complex automation has been established on 1.4.1997. As the business built up in the area of metallurgy, the branch office has been established in v Ostrava.


The company invested in reconstruction of the own premises and in technical accessories as the most modern computer technology and measuring technique. The company activities expanded in many European and other countries world-wide. The company received its first large order for car painting lines from the German company EISENMANN and both companies entered in successful cooperation.


The company expanded to single and multi purpose manufacturing and testing machines. The number of employees increased to 60 people. Most of the orders were the export projects. Painting lines e.g. for Mercedes, BMW or Škoda cars were delivered in the countries nearly all over the world – Turkey, South Africa, Germany etc. The spectrum of company activities covers almost the entire industrial field – handling, painting, manufacturing lines and machines, melting furnaces, forming machines, fine electronics and others.


The company had nearly one hundred employees and exceeded annual turnover of 200 million Czech Crowns. We took part in approximately 30 projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey. The company won a significant order for final assembly in Kia Motors Slovakia automotive company; the first job for the largest manufacturer of the surface treatment lines, German company Dürr.


Extensive reconstruction of the company’s headquarters worth 100 million Czech crowns began. Reconstruction of the office in Ostrava was taking place simultaneously.


A new branch that started an intensive professional cooperation with universities, the faculties of electro-technical and mechanical engineering at ČVUT in particular, was opened in Prague in September. The company’s branch in Ostrava moved into the newly reconstructed building in Čedičová Street. The building won a special award as The Building of the Year.


The reconstruction of the company’s headquarters in Žďár nad Sázavou was finished at the beginning of the year. The number of employees increased from 120 to 150 in the course of the year. The Service Centre in Velké Meziříčí was founded. The company reached the highest turnover in its history.


The company obtained the ISO certification in accordance with the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 norm. The headquarters in Žďár nad Sázavou was announced as the Building of the Year.