Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia

17.July 2012
The President of the Czech Republic Mr. Václav Klaus accompanied by 20 businessmen visited the South Asian countries Malaysia and Indonesia between the 3rd and 10th July 2012. Members of the political delegation were besides the President of the Czech Republic also the Czech Minister for Environment and the Deputy Ministers of Industry and Trade as well as the Minister for Foreign Affairs. They were accompanied by the group of Czech businessmen led by the Czech President of the Association of Industry and Transport Mr. Jaroslav Hanák. Despite of all the problems currently experienced by atx, also our company was invited to participate in this mission.

Malaysia and Indonesia are neighboring South Asian countries as for their position, their history is in many ways similar, but as for economy they are significantly different. While Malaysia with its 22 million inhabitants belongs to the economically advanced countries like South Korea, Indonesia with its 220 million inhabitants who live on about 17.5 thousand islands is a country, which is much poorer and more backward. That is why big investments in various areas of economy are expected here. It was reported that Indonesia reached significant progress in the past ten years, yet still about 60% of the population of this country have no access to electricity. But both countries can afford to finance their development plans because of their huge mineral resources.

Both countries showed great interest as for the offer of atx. Mr. Bohuslav Vránek brought 6 contacts from this trip for our business section each containing a specified demand.

Indonesia is a market that also other EU countries are interested in. Evidence of this fact was given also by meeting the German delegation led by the Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel on the airport at our departure. But if our delegation had 40 members, the German delegation was five times so large.

Attached photos:
1. Association of Industry and Trade Delegation with the Czech President V. Klaus.
2. Chamber of Commerce MIDA Seminar in the presence of the Czech economic
3. Meeting in Kuala Lumpur with representatives of the Nissan car factory.
4. Kuala Lumpur - the capital of Malaysia with the Petronas Tower in the background
5. Seminar in the capital of Indonesia - Jakarta - in the presence of the Czech
President and the Economic Delegation of the Businessmen Association.
6. Introduction of the atx-company to local businessmen.
7. Bilateral meeting with local businessmen. The Representation Manager of the
Czech.Ina Group Company in Jakarta Mrs. Nurmia Dwi Agustina was present.
 Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia  Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia  Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia  Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia  Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia  Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia  Atx in Malaysia and Indonesia