economic seminar by Professors Souček and Vaško

08.March 2011
On 8th March 2011, atx organised a seminar with Professor Souček and Professor Vaško, the Czech leading academic figures in economics and management.

All significant industrial companies from around Žďár nad Sázavou and many others were invited to this event. Professor Souček warned the present businessmen, company directors and managers that the main aim of all Czech companies is to get ready for new and considerably more difficult time. The pressure from Asia grows stronger and new technologies from the USA force out European products. Also, the EU financial problems create huge threats for Czech companies but completely new opportunities as well.

In Professor Souček’s opinion, the companies that will not make radical changes according to the tendencies of global world developments will not survive.

Professor Tibor Vaško outlined interesting connections and impacts of the current economic crises in the second part of the seminar.

The professors presented their own practical experience with strategy formulation and implementation in many Czech and overseas companies. Most listeners appreciated the fresh view and mainly the utterly practical focus of the seminar originating from the whole life experience of both professors.

The seminar was presented by the Managing Director of Strojmetal Kamenice, Mr. Miroslav Jelínek, and the Managing Director of atx, Mr. Bohuslav Vránek.
 economic seminar by Professors Souček and Vaško  economic seminar by Professors Souček and Vaško  economic seminar by Professors Souček and Vaško  economic seminar by Professors Souček and Vaško