Modification and expansion of final assembly shop in FORD St. Petersburg Russia

21.March 2008
Today, on the first day of spring 2008, after long discussion and negotiations with DÜRR company Stuttgart (Germany) we received a new contract in Russia (again in the St. Petersburg industrial area). The delivery involves expansion of the existing final assembly shop and increase of the current capacity in FORD St. Petersburg (for more information The orderer is DÜRR company Stuttgart, the scope of delivery involves especially the conveyor technique and a part of Marriage line and this contracts amounts „only“ 310.000,- EUR.
For this project we have to thank to our engineering, especially to Zdeněk Šťáva, who is in the DÜRR company known for his creditable effort in KIA Motors Slovakia, and also thanks to responsible and dedicated work of Jana Nováková, who calculated the costs and discussed with customer. Let´s hope, we realise the project in that way, that it will be a benefit to our company from the economic point of view too.