new project for the Korean company PLAKOR

16.May 2007
atx received a new project for the delivery of automation control system of painting line for plastic parts from the German company EISENMANN in the Mosnov industrial zone (Moravia-Silesia). The delivery involves complete assembly, software and commissioning for the final customer PLAKOR, the Korean company. The PLAKOR company (for further information visit produces automotive plastic parts such as bumpers and dashboards and its products are supposed to be delivered to both the production plant HYUNDAI Motors Nosovice and its sister plant KIA Motors Zilina. During the first phase there will be about 200 newly created vacancies, during the second phase this number will increase to 500 employees. The deadline of our delivery is set for 30.07.2007 and involves assembly of cable ducts incl. power supply of main cabinets, cable laying and connection, assembly of control panels, software development and its application. Visualization incl. database upgrade is developed in Wonderware InTouch.