Skoda Citigo has started production on lines automated by atx

18.October 2011
Last week Skoda started production of the new Skoda Citigo, VW Up and Seat cars in Bratislava. The car production runs on lines automated by atx.

The new Citigo type will be launched on the domestic market this year. Other European countries will follow at the beginning of summer 2012. The new Citigo will be introduced to the market in its three-door version. Five-door version will be on offer from 2012.

It will be possible to choose from two petrol three-cylinder engines at the start of the sale: both engines have stroke capacity of 1,0 litres and power of 44kW/60 HP, or more precisely 55kW/75 HP.

This model puts huge emphasis on safety. Thorax frontal and side airbags for the driver and the front-seat passenger are used in a Skoda car for the first time. Together with other components, it introduces a passive restraint packet, exemplary in its class. Active restraint is fundamentally improved by the City Safe Drive assistant.
 Skoda Citigo has started production on lines automated by atx