The anticipated 2011 economic result and prospects of atx-automation

10.August 2011
The period of crisis between the years 2009 and 2010 reflected badly on the economy and the economic result of atx. The year 2009 with the turnover of only around 74 million CZK and the total loss amounting to 11 million CZK meant serious problems in cash flow and payment of the staff salaries as well as difficulties with planned investments and renewal of the tangible and intangible company assets.

The independent audit 2010 was carried out towards 30th June 2011 and promises a change for better economic development of the company. The overall turnover that the company achieved reached 167,7 million CZK meaning that the company is in black. Another reason to feel more optimistic is the result of the first half of 2011, i.e. as of 30th June 2011. The company turnover is 122 million CZK and the profit totals 3,1 million CZK before tax.

In the first half of 2011 the company created fairly good conditions for fulfilling the 2011 plan, which should be a turnover of 240 million CZK and profit of 6,5 million CZK.

Let us hope that the economic problems that are currently re-occurring in the economies of advanced countries including Germany will not have such a fatal impact on our company as it did so in 2009, and that the anticipated development will take place according to the plans to the benefit of the company and its employees.