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the Czech Army awarded employers of members of the active reserves

Atx – Automotion Ltd. Company won the award for supporting the active reserves of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and for the support of the development of these forces from the hands of the Chief of General Staff, Army General Josef Bečvář. The award is for the work of our co-worker and colleague Mgr. Radim Chrást, MBE.

The ceremonial presentation of this award to forty employers from all over the Czech Republic took place on the premises of the assembly hall of the Army Building in Prague on 4th July 2016.

„No armed forces can get by without reserves, and the Army of the Czech Republic is no exception. Patriotism is currently growing in importance again. It is necessary to realize that the employers of these members participate in national defence,“ said the Chief of General Staff, Army General Josef Bečvář.

It is not always a comfortable situation for the employers of members of the active reserves, because an employer is obliged to release these employees, for example, for regular exercises or in the case of national security threats. That is the reason why it is very important to inform the public about the way of proper way of showing patriotism.

the invitation of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka to the business mission in Vienna

The prestigious business mission in Vienna, which accompanied the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka on the official business trip in Austria, took place on 23rd – 24th June 2016. Ing. Bohuslav Vránek, Csc., got the invitation for this exceptional and inspirational meeting for our company.
The main aim of this business mission was primarily the intensification and development of our common economic cooperation between Czech and Austrian companies. The Republic of Austria represents a major and strategic business partner of the Czech Republic in terms of long-term cooperation; after all, it is the third biggest investor in the Czech Republic.
Part of the rich program was the meeting of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka with the Czech business mission. Additionally, the Czech-Austrian forum and the Prime Minister's discussion with Czech and Austrian participants were particularly inpiring, and networking and B2B between Czech and Austrian companies surely led to mutually-beneficial cooperation.Austrian and German business partners constitute absolutely essential partnerships for the atx - Automation Ltd. Company. Austrian and German companies represent 86 percent of the company's contracts.

automation of paint shop in company TPCA

One of the most prestigious actions that company atx implemented in its 25 year history is the automation project of paint shop in TPCA Kolin.
The paint shop currently produces more than 10 years and the supply of company atx is still evaluated very positive. Also the delegation and our customer company CCV from Pilsen who visited the paint shop convinced about it and had a possibility to acquaint closely with types of solutions and way of processing of this project.

In the picture - delegation of workers with a guide from TPCA and the director of atx engineer Vránek.

action Dukovany started

On this day 31. 8. 2015 after a thorough and several months lasting preparation the nuclear power plant Dukovany launched shutdown and our electrician started working at this nuclear power plant . All of our 12 employees successfully mastered special psychological training and participates in the work with almost a thousand experts of different professions, who perform repairs and reconstruction of some parts of the power plant under the shutdown in such a way , that it can apply for an extension of its life(time).

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